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Curious what games people are into in the online variety. How is the overall experience? Cost? Enjoyment? Suggestions?


for instance I know that Everquest is very expansive and can get expensive. Is there other games outthere worth playing on the cheap side?


Thanks All!

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Guest jsunC

A lot of people are addicted to warcraft 3...

I used to play counterstrike a while back (still do occasionally). I used to be addicted to that game, it was horrible.

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Mostly Yahoo games (euchre, etc...)


I've only been online with my PS2 once and I wasn't impressed when I raced some hacker in Burnout Revenge and he totally kicked my ass by hacking the game.

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I hate when you straight up kick someones ass online at anything, and they accuse you of hacking. Ofcourse I'm not insisting that you are lying hoverball, I just thought I'd get that off my chest.


I play Guild Wars every now and again, just cause there is no online fees like WoW.

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Jeeze. Diablo 2 was great, we used to waste time on that shit instead of studying for finals.

Hahahha, yeah, that's exactly why I quit. It was ruining my grades.


So uh...if we have enough NFers who play D2, anyone up for starting a little party sometime? ;)

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Uh, let's see. Tons of FPS games, starting with Doom....but the major ones...




Team Fortress Classic

Unreal Tournament

Starcraft (sucked)


Now, all I play online is Counter-Strike: Source.

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Guest apsham

I have Diablo 2, well all of them since I bought the Battle Chest I suppose, but damn it got old fast, especially online. I would just wander around and get the best armour, weapons and potions by raiding the Cow King areas that had already been cleared out.

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