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Calgary Folk Festival...

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Just thought I'd let others know out there Matt is listed as a performing artist in this year's Calgary Folk Festival. Specific days remain to be posted... possibly other appearances for this summer? The site suggests Matt will be continuing his stripped down accoustic set which is pretty damn good news as far as I'm concerned.

- Can I get a "hell ya!" ;)

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Guest jsunC

Well then how are you getting there miss smarty pants... It would actually be really fun to do that though, even if its just random people.

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Guest girl

Hell Ya!!


There's mention of it here:



Matthew Good

(British Columbia) - Respected singer/songwriter, blogger and political activist performs a stripped-down, solo show.


I guess that means I'll be waiting in line again for a few hours to get some prime seating near the front. ;) That's the only downside.

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