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The New 007

Daniel Craig: Your Opinion  

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Just wanted to know what everyone thought of the new Bond.


As a huge fan of the series I'm unsure myself, though I don't see how he could be any worse than Timothy Dalton.


On the plus side for me, I like that they're going back to the very beginning with Casino Royale.


What are your thoughts?

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I would love to see Connery again, but he is getting a little old. He's still the man don't get me wrong. Best Bond ever as far as i'm concerned.


The new Bond girl is Eva Green and she's really only known for having been in Kingdom Of Heaven.

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My wife would agree with you 200%. Unfortunately it will never happen, too much $ to be made.

Actually honey i agree with her 1000%.i mean Bond is nothing but a slut.it's funny how men can act like that and other men just say they're cool, but it a woman is like that well..... she would never hear the end of it. PATHETIC. bond should have been over after the first one.

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To quote Jack Handey, "I'd like to see a James Bond movie where James Bond gets behind financially and maybe has to take out a bill consolidation loan, because even when he's applying for the loan he's still real smart-alecky."

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Guest apsham

The last one that I liked was Goldeneye really, although I will say that the one with Halle Berry in it had a really good beginning to it. It kind of went downhill after she showed up though.


I personally don't like the new guy, I want Pierce back. ;)

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It looks good, though none of us can really comment on it until we see it.


They're won't be many gadgets in this one, and hence, no Q. I think that will be an improvement (invisible car, my ass.)

agreed. even the brosnan films became formulaic. i think craig will do an excellent job (anyone see layer cake?) breathing new life back into the franchise. also, since they're going back to the original ian fleming model, i have a feeling this film will exceed most people's expectations.

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