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Sorry if this has been asked before (I couldn't find it) but I'm looking for a decent tab of Indestructible. I checked the MG Archive but the version there isn't the greatest. I'm having a little trouble decyphering the chorus.


Thanks in advance,

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Oh,sorry, I fergot to mention th' nifty little gadgit that I've had on my bass fer years...it's called a Hipshot D-Tuner.

Drops ya down ta' D in a flick...

That's where that song started.Just me an' Ian jammin' before rehearsal...then Matt made it a SONG! Bless his twisted little mind.



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Too bad I'm not in Van or I'd certainly take you up on that. I did a bit of searching and found the version of the song Matt's been playing on the accoustic tour. That'll do ;)


Thanks again for the offer Geoff

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