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it seems with the new matt good.net up there is no longer a blog, but a section called writing, when you go in their are selective pieces all the way back to Feb 2002


it would seem he is going to get back to writing one or two long pieces every month,


should be interesting

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edit: To the last posters, please stay on topic. If you really want to discuss somebody's personal life then do it through PM or do it somewhere else. Keep that kind of speculation to yourselves and out of this forum.





And anyway, I don't think these are going to be like the manifestos. They're on a more serious sense and appear to be political in nature.

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I like the layout of the new site. It's simple and concise; easy to find what you're looking for. I think Matt's probably a bit of a perfectionist, always striving, which is why he keeps playing around with the website, but it's probably also what makes him such an incredible artist!

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