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Guest jsunC

i made a thread on this a while back.


BUT im a big fan of bret easton ellis, so it's clever satire.

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Very clever satire. I'll just answer your question and not go into details as to why it's one of my favourite books. And the movie was pretty good. I had a film class this year and one of the articles we had to read was about female directors (lol?). It goes into how a female took that book, using all kinds of adjectives like repulsive and sexist, and made it into a feminist movie. They cited all these examples from the movie, which make the director look like a great feminist film maker, but all of them were more or less the parts that were directly translated from the book. The fuss about American psycho reminds me that feminism went horribly off course somewhere. If anything they should have praised the book, not tried to get it banned. Although they did give it loads of attention which made it as popular as it is, so I guess it all worked out in the end. The movie is actually less feminist, and more just anti-yuppie male I think.

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I enjoyed the film versions of both The Rules Of Attraction and Less Than Zero (and of course American Psycho, easily on my top ten).


Haven't read any of his novels except American Psycho, just gotta pick them when I get time.

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