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Matt Good On Your Mp3 Player

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What's your Matt Good playlist like on your ipod, or other MP3 device? Here's mine:


Haven't Slept in Years


While we were hunting rabbits

Empty Road

Man of Action



Jenni's Song

My life as a circus clown


Advertising on police cars


Sort of a Protest Song

The fall of man



What else should I throw on there? Let's hear your lists.


P.S. I did a search and apparently this topic hasn't been brought up before, so don't scream at me.

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I have exclusively matt good on my mp3 player... ;)

Normally I am the same, but lately I have a few other tracks and quite a bit of Radiohead...but still loads of MG.


When I have to tone it back, I usually stick to my favs or the songs I don't mind hearing over and over...usually the early demos and songs like Anti-Pop get the axe first.

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My Matt Good collection on my iPod includes...


-In a Coma




-Audio of Being

-Loser Anthems

-Beautiful Midnight


-Lo-Fi B-Sides



Plus a whole bunch of live/demo/bootleg songs that I'm not supposed to have.

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-blue skies

-inescapable us

-born to kill

-life beyond...

-let's get it on

-we're so heavy

-near fantastica (both versions)

-folk singer

-strangest one of all



a bunch more i can't think of off the top of my head.

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Also, I generally despise playlists for some irrational reason. I only have 2; 'Biking' and 'Slow Stuff.'


I just made slow stuff a few days ago, and so far it's just got Matt Good. Here it is:


Full Moon in Pisces


All Together

Near Fantastica (Acoustic)

Running for Home

Folk Singer

Tripoli (Acoustic)

Generation X-Wing (Acoustic)

Fine Art


New Disguise

Casual Walks

Go Fly Blind


Truffle Pigs


Blue Skies

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100 or so songs that I have over Blender are probably all the History Teacher demos, plus my live/demo/b-side playlist.


For posterity, here's my "Matthew Good Demos" playlist. The songs are listed in the order in which I got them.


Big City Life


Can't Get Shot In The Back

Lullaby For the New World Order acoustic

Weapon (soundtrack)


Seriously Serious


Pony Boy

End Song

All Together

Free Downloading Blues

We Did Not Authorize

21st Century Living (live)

Avalanche (live)

Symbolistic White Walls (live)

In A World Called Catastrophe (demo)

Weapon (demo)

Pledge of Allegiance (live)

Double Life (demo)

Breath of a Nation

Big City Life (slow)

Four Minute Mile

Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance (live)

She's In It For The Money


Plus another few songs of the recent Calgary acoustic show.

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