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Canada's Greatest Hockey Fan?

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TSN is having a contest for the greatest hockey fan and there are 5 finalists.

One of whom lives on my street and is truely worthy of this. His license plate is HOCKEY for crying out loud. He designed the logo for the London Knights, our hometown ohl team, and has the greatest hockey collection I have ever seen.

Please go http://www.tsn.ca/contests/lays/ and Vote for Brian Logie (the bottom on the list). He really is the Greatest fan

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How is that one guy leading with 29%? He's just a hockey dad..


c'mon that one dude climbed into a dumpster to retrieve a stick, and obtained 1500 autographs in person.


Also, the guy deremac recommended. he's got a MULLET


it should be between those two

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I was also surprised by the guy who is leading... hes just a hockey coach, nothing that sets him apart. I really think that it should be between Brain and the guy with all the autographs. But really, having seen Brains collection, it is a million times better than 1500 auotgraphs. Many of those sticks and pucks are signed. Brigette does have the edge being the only female but I really wish Brian could win it all.

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LOL no, I am just that stupid. I would fix it if there were an edit. Brian***

He will be on the london news this evening if any of you care which I am sure you dont but what can you do.

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