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I Pose Another Question

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McDonald's annual advertising budget is 1.5 billion dollars


The Canadian Air Force's annual budget is 2 billion dollars.


Would a McDonald's advertising campaign be able to beat the RCAF?



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Don't encourage our government to invest even more money into an army we don't use.

One woudl have to assume that the many troops stationed in the Balkans don't exist for that statement to be true.

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It's not really a question of just how big the budgets are anyways, but rather how effectively the budget is used. Someone can have relatively little and accomplish a lot with it, and someone with massive resources can be wasteful and ineffective and just screw everything up. That said, McDonald's would probably take the cake.

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We don't use it because lack of funs renders it impotent...


Using the budget for ANY purpose, probably. 1.5 billion dollars is more than enough to hire and supply mercenary sappers to destroy the airforce's weapons on the ground, if they're fast, secretive, and coordinated enough. MAYBE even get enough merc pilots and aircraft for a direct attack. Mobile AA weapons, a few...depending on how modern we're talking.


But applying the budgets as they are, no. You can't stop a bomb or cannon round with an ad campaign. And McDonalds corporate offices are unlikely to be hardened against air strikes, or defended by any kind of anti-aircraft installation.


Then again, there are so many McDonalds locations and so much infrastructure that it would be prohibitively expensive to physically wipe the company off the face of the earth. Politically dangerous, too, especially since that would involve so many surgical strikes in so many foreign countries. Probably destruction of local Canadian offices and seizure of stores is about as far as it would go.

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I totally agree. with you sparq.


the only thing that would maybe would survive the attack would be the food.. god only knows what that shit will survive through

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Why is it so 'hip' to hate McDonald's now?


I swear to god, everytime I've gone there with friends, all we talk about is how shitty and terrible it is....and yet there we are. I dunno, I find it kind of weird how they're like, the official scapegoat of the fast food industry.


Not that they aren't disgusting, I'm just sayin`

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