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Nf Friends

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When I used to be online regularily I would chat with the following peeps:










Plus I've got a few other NFer's on my MSN list, but I rarely chat with them.



EDIT - I've also talked to Christy on the phone a few times. Also, everyone on the above list are people that I'd like to share (at the very least) a cup o' joe with.

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i have 12 people from here on my msn but i only talk to

a few of them regularly and they would say it isn't regularly at all


and i used to have another one on here but we don't talk anymore because he hates me ;)

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I have 24 NFers on my list. I talk to about 4 of them I think.


I talk to: Meg, Dan #3, Brandon, Chris, and used to talk to Christy before she quit MSN. I occasionally talk to heyrabbit, Lauren, and The Rat Who Would Be King.


Anton is on there too, but I still don't think of him as an NFer because I knew him before this site existed.

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THAT'S ME! Remember when I yelled at you in a drunken rage, and I think you blocked me, great. Other than that encounter, I talk on MSN to Meg, Brando sometimes, and I haven't talked to Lauren for years, but she's neat. I also have three people from the Metro that I don't talk to too much, but they are better than any of you could ever be. Then there's borntohula. We have actually touched.

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