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Which do you think is better?  

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  1. 1. Which do you think is better?

    • 10 000 Days
    • Lateralus
    • They're both just as good

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The ability to make polls should be restricted to people who have made a certain number of posts. Well over 17 posts. I demand this thread be deleted and crapped on. Why can't I like both albums equally. Each album is an apple and an orange, why must they be compared or given values from one to ten. Sit on it.

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comparisons are silly. taking eric's apples and oranges example one step further, while they seem pretty disimilar at first, apples and oranges also have a lot in common. essentially in comparing or contrasting anything, you can prove both sides and just makes for a wonderful waste of space. seeing as how both sides never bring you to a new understanding of those apples and oranges. a hat will always have something in common with a locomotive. saying that lateralus is better than 10,000 days offers no insight, only fluff.


if you want to have an actual interesting debate, you should've bailed on the poll idea (or smoked the poll idea if you enjoy that sort of thing) and maybe asked what 10,000 days means to us in the context of the rest of the tool canon. how this album perhaps sheds some light on some older topics, addressed in prior albums (like your precious lateralus), etc.

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Lateralus > Aenima > 10,000 days > Undertow > Opiate


That's how I feel right now.


Wing's for Marie/10,000 days are amazing tracks though.


This thread has too much hostility.

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