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right now i dont think i care too much for them since a crow left of the murder wasn't really a strong release, and all they've been doing lately is providing tracks for videogame/movie soundtracks.


i like their music but they've given me no real reason to love it.

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science and fungus among us are their best albums.

Fungus Amungus is the worst album. Just because something is funkier, older and more "raw" doesn't make anything better. Besides, ripping off RHCP, Primus and Mr. Bungle can be a little tiresome.


S.C.I.E.N.C.E was a pretty original album if you think about it (ignoring the existance of Mike Patton, that is!)--though, it was inappropriately labelled as Nu Metal when it was released. Still a wicked album, probably my 3rd favourite of theirs.


Make Yourself is my fourth favourite of them. Contrary to that EVERYBODY believes, this is actually lighter than Morning View.


My favourite Incubus record is by far and away, A Crow Left Of The Murder. It's evolution, baby.

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