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I saw the International Noise Conspiracy at Varsity Theatre in St. Paul Minnesota tonight...and i can say...it is not only the best concert I have ever seen...I can safely predict it will be the best I will ever see.


Something pretty awesome happened at the show.


I was standing at the front right next to the stage.


I had my hand on the stage and Dennis (the lead singer) was singing...he touched a person's hand on the left of the stage...and he came over to my side...took my hand and kissed it...


that just blew my mind...because I have been a huge fan of theirs/his for going on 7 years now...but I always thought of him as a mythical musician on cd and music videos....but I had physical contact with him...and it was pretty awesome


here's some pics I took with the camera on my cell phone.















just an incredible show and...I will remember this one...

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oh yeah



wicked documentary



made me kind of.....sad?.....at the end



good stuff

Yeah, I found it really heart wrenching. Thought it was really cool how they had some footage from when the cops broke up their last show, and their reactions to that. Refused was a great, great band, but I think if they had tried to keep going, they would have killed each other.

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