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I couldn't find a topic about them in the first 6 pages and the search function isn't working for me.


I just bought their album, and this I must say:


Wolfmother = Led Zeppelin reborn.


I do realize they are not as good and of course not as original, but I think they're the most accurate representation of Led Zep's spirit there is today.


So what do you guys thik of the band.

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They're a good scene. I can respect what they're doing. I still see their stuff as wearing thin eventually.


I mean. The Darkness had some silly chops when it came to the 80's metal thing... And while they released a new CD not too long ago, it's not like they garnered much attention with it.

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I could see them carrying on a few albums. A couple of their songs need to be skipped but on a whole they've got some pretty good stuff. It was a worthy purchase to me, but they were overshadowed by the Raconteurs becaue I bought the albums at the same time.


Wolfmother taps into a few markets, they would appeal to fans of The Mars Volta and similar bands as well as those who like classic rock, and fans of the White Stripes. They haven't shown too much originality yet, but for a band trying to emulate the great band of the 70s, they do a good job.

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