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When All Else Fails

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Okay, I'm like...totally broke right now...and I have enough for rent...luckily I just got a full-time job which rocks, but I guess I won't be getting a pay cheque for a few weeks or so...


But anyway, I have no food in my house, as usual...but I can't really afford food right now, well, I can. My sister owes me money, same with a friend. But anyway, I was soooo hungry this evening, that I went and searched high and low in my cupboards for food and then I found the glorious, most awesomeness thing in the world---LIPTON CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!!!




Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum!!!!!


And yes, that's what I"m eating RIGHT NOW!!! It's oh soo good because I threw in some extra speghetti noodles and put less of the stock in because it's icky when too much is in it. But yay!!! I forgot I had it! ;)


Random thread!!!! JOY!!!

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man i know the feeling, when i was living in oshawa i came early casue i was a volunteer for the residence. Turns out the cafe' wasnt open so i had to fend for myself. A week of KD, chinese noodles and chicken noodle soup was glorious.

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