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If You Had A Choice...

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If you had a choice of picking out the singles for each album, what would be your picks? you don't have to give a reason, but it would be nice, because I'm not giving reasons right now because I'm tired, and I think this is a good thread and I didn't want to forget about it...later on I'll add my reasonings...





Last of the Ghetto Astronauts

1. She's Got a New Disguise

2. Symbolistic White Walls

3. Fearless

4. Haven't Slept in Years



I think that the 3 songs (other then Rico) were excellent choices as singles. It was hard, but I picked FIVE...yes FIVE...

1. Industructable

2. Everything is Automatic

3. Prime Time Deliverence----When ever I listen to the song, I can picture a music video for it. The song has many different parts to it, and I think it could have a video kind of like Apparitions

4. Deep Six---This one would just be a really good rock radio song to be played during the summer/fall months.

5. Apparitions


Beautiful Midnight

Now, with this album, I think it's a tougher pick. Nothing really screams "SINGLE" except for Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up. I'm trying to figure out a good "kick off" single for it, but I guess Hello Time Bomb was meant for the first single...and it works...It's just one of those albums where you HAVE to listen to it all to appreciate it. But as the title says, what would I pick as singles.

1. Hello Time Bomb

2. Failing the Rorschach Test

3. Born to Kill

4. Let's Get it On

5. Going All the Way


Loser Anthems

I think that the songs are here are AWESOME! The are just so...I don't know the word right now, but yeah...I think it deserved a single to it, even though Flashdance II was played on some radio stations. I'm going to have to say

1. Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance---This is my favourite song off this album. It just feels so sad...but make me feel warm inside...


Audio of Being

Audio of Being is another one of those albums where there really isn't anything that strikes you as "single." I think it is another album where in order to really appreciate it, you have to listen to it all the way through.

1. Carmelina---because I love the song, and I love the video...nuff said

2. Tripoli

3. The Fall of Man---could have had a really dark video too it. So much imagery in Matts songs...whenever I listen to his songs, I can think of some grand video...

4. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Protest



Now, this is a grand album. It has songs I can think of as singles, but it's another album where you have to sit and listen to it. But it seems like it was written for singles. The only WRONG single that came off of it In my opinion was In A World Called Catastrophe. I think that song is terrible and the video was hooky...

1. Weapon

2. A Long Way Down

3. 21st Century Living

4. While We Were Hunting Rabbits

5. Lullaby for The New World Order


White Light Rock and Roll Review

Hmm...I dunno...I really like the album...but...yeah...

1. Alert Status Red

2. Empty Road

3. Buffalo Seven.


In A Coma

Oh be Joyful was the wrong song to be released. It shouldn't have...but as it was, it should have had a killer video for it. I think that Big City Life was a better fit, but whatever.

1. Big City Life

2. Tripoli (Rooms)

3. Truffle Pigs (Rooms)

I picked the two songs off of Audio of Being from Rooms because I think that it gave the best representation, how songs really can be changed from one format to another. Tripoli just has this sense of sadness that would fit really nicely in a black and white video. Just sadness...could just be him sittion on a stool playing the song on guitar.


I was utterly bored when I made this, but it's fun to do it I find.


Now, you guys pick what you think would be! I want to see peoples choices!!

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In addition to the existing singles






Deep Six



Giant (made shorter of course)



nothing else screams single



Near Fantastica

21st Century Living



Blue Skies?




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I'm gunna try to pick 3 or 4 songs from each album and one off the EP's:



Symbolistic White Walls

Haven't Slept in Years

Native Son




Generation X-Wing



Everything is Automatic


Strangest One of All

Look Happy, It's the End of the World (in the same vein as "The Future is X-Rated" in being a sort of anti-single)


Beautiful Midnight:

Hello Time Bomb

Load Me Up

Let's Get it On

Jenni's Song


Loser Anthems:

Flashdance II


Audio of Being:



The Fall of Man

Truffle Pigs




In A World Called Catastrophe

Double Life

Near Fantastica (the four minute edit I have laying around on my PC somewhere)


White Light:

Alert Status Red

In Love With a Bad Idea

We're So Heavy

Buffalo Seven


In a Coma:

Oh Be Joyful!

Apparitions (rooms)

Strange Days (rooms)

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I'll keep it brief.


I think Symbolistic White Walls and I guess Haven't Slept In Years would have been the only singles that would have worked.


Underdogs--keep all four in the same order.


BM- Ha, singles we are talking? Not the most upbeat album in the world so leave it as it is; though, I never really saw the Future is X-rated as a "single" to me.


Loser Anthems- Flashdance II, just how it was.


Audio- I guess leave the original two as is but add Under The Influence as single #3.


Avalanche- Leave IAWCC (vastly underrated song) and Weapon alone, Near Fantastica didn't really have "single" written over it, especially how the song was smushed badly with the radio edit. As mentioned before, and probably many times after me, if they found a way to edit "21st Century Living" without ruining the concept, it would have been a perfect single/video for a 4th single. Also, Double Life could have been the third single or follow the "third single musical concept" of an Apparitions/Strange Days and go with Bright End Of Nowhere.


White Light - Clear first single, Alert Status Red. I never really saw IBAWSIWYM and especially In Love With A Bad idea has singles (was clueless) when they were annoucned and would have rather seen Buffalo Seven as the second single and We're So Heavy as the third single. If the album turned into a smash, release Little Terror as a fourth single.


In a Coma, Oh Be Joyful works I suppose but come on, Big City Life would have been the clearest single to release since Load Me Up. Greatest Hits albums have released two singles before--I'm just not following with why he wouldn't go with it.



Okay, that wasn't brief and probably was a waste of time.

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