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Counting Crows

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So what's everyones general opinions of them? When I was younger I used to just blow them off, but now that I'm older and a bit more into lyrics I take a look back on a song I mocked, Mr. Jones, and I find that I like it. Haven't heard much else... but was just wondering what others thought.

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Recovering the Satellites is a great album. There's not a lot of guys in the industry to can put more heart/emotion into his vocals. Their later stuff is complete garbage though--ie: the title of that horrible cover song that escapes me right now.


But yeah, Recovering The Satellites is a gripping, edgy disc for the most part; I used to own their first album and thought it was alright. They were kinda more folk/alt. country then if I can say that...and I guess I just did.

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I think they're great. I just downloaded their Live in New York and its absolutely amazing. I love how these guys totally reconfigure their songs when they play live. There's also that song "Chelsea" I'm not sure which newer album its off of but its easily as good as the older stuff.




Looks like they have a live CD coming out pretty soon with these songs on it:


01. Rain King

02. Richard Manuel Is Dead

03. Catapult

04. Goodnight la

05. Four White Stallions

06. Omaha

07. Miami

08. Hazy

09. Good Time

10. St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream

11. Perfect Blue Buildings

12. Hanginaround

13. Goodnight Elisabeth

14. Hard Candy

15. Holiday in Spain

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They're a good band. Great expressive vocals and very good lyrics as well. I find that their first two albums were their strongest and in the other two, they're some good songs but they're not as good as wholes.

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