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Ovation Festival

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Anyone know if Matthew Good is coming?!?! I HOPE SO! Ovation is canadian bands/artist that come and play! happens every year i think and this is the 2nd time happening. 1st time was a BLAST!

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ovation festival is played in my hometown. the town that i live in. Stratford, Ontario. It was the biggest party weekend last summer, the whole town was full of crazy tourist that weren't here to see the shakespearean theatre that we have running all summer. matt was rumoured last year, but obviously we got our lady peace instead.


It's pretty much common knowledge that the tragically hip are coming to play this year

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Yea I was also there :angry: I finally got to see OLP yes! ;) I also live in Stratford :angry: I didn't know Matthew Good was rumoured to go last year! I just wish he will come this year :angry:

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