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New book any time soon?

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A year or two ago I heard that Matt was working on a novel. Has anyone heard anything about that? I was doing some research on his book "At Last There Is Nothing Left to Say" and I came across this but I haven't heard anything since. "Maximum Trader" sound familiar to anyone?

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can't remember something about it was only interesting on the website for fans to read what crazy thing he would say next. I'll try and find the quote.


did u know the reviews on the back of it are fake?

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In At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say did anyone notice the picture of a naked woman? I was just reading parts of the book, looking back for the first time since I finished it and I realized it was there. Hmm I kind of would hav preferred it not there..

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I believe it's next to the Milton Hadely story, right?


I was reading ALTINLTS on a plane once, and the old lady sitting next to me kept looking at me weird. It didn't occur to me until later that it was because of that picture.

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