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Question For People Good With Computers

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OK, so something is wrong with the sound on my computer. iTunes and stuff plays fine, as well as videos on thatvideosite.com. But for soem reason the sound on things like java games and youtube doesn't work. I checked my drivers and it says they're fine, so does anyone have any idea wtf is wrong?

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Even the annoying windows start up noise when you turn on your computer doesn't work.


I remember when I first got this and I couldn't even play music or anything, but then I re-installed the drivers and music worked fine, so it isn't them. I just have no idea. Ah well, I guess there could be worse things wrong with a computer. Thanks for the help guys.

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To fix my problem, I just uninstalled and re-installed all of my basic drivers and stuff, and it worked fine. Also try checking Control Panel->Sounds and Audio Devices.

eh, how does one uninstall a driver and where it located


nevermind, I'll just buy a new computer

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