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Ravenous itchy

Moving To Vancouver

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Those who know me already know this, but I am moving to Vancouver in Oct to go to VFS. Lots of people on here are from that area, so I am making this post to get your feedback on good places to live, bad areas to avoid, etc. Of course, (and this is a stretch I know) if you are looking for a room/housemate please say so.


Anyways, I am looking to live somewhat near downtown if I can find somewhere reasonably priced. The preference is within a ~45 min bike ride from the campus (420 Homer St).

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burnaby is vancouver's neighbour.



its a significantly cheaper city to live in. to put it into perspective, you could probably rent an entire basement suite in burnaby for the same price as a single bedroom in a small shared apartment downtown. i guess it all depends on the lifestyle you want to pursue. some people will pay anything to live downtown (which explains the inflated cost f living)

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i knew a girl who used to ride from central burnaby to the far side of coquitlam in less than an hour, so i figure burnaby to downtown vancouver is possible. if all else fails, bikes are allowed on skytrain.



i'd invite you to live in my vacant basement suite, but i live atop a HUGE hill in west vancouver that you'd likely not want to ride every day after a long day at school.... that and you probably wouldnt get much sleep.

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I've never even heard of Walley.

Take the Skytrain to King George Skytrain station and you're there. It's in Surrey.


And yes, it's where everything stolen ends up. Tru dat.


My uncles van was stolen once in Burnaby and it ended up in Walley.

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