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Anyone else get the chance to listen to the new Muse album? I'll tell you one thing is that it's pretty different--apparently, the band did a lot of "clubbin'" over the past few years (I kid you not) and they decided to add "club techno" into their style. I would say that overall, I was pretty impressed but I'm not sure if it's better than Origin Of Symmetry or Absolution.


It's nice to see bands take risks, that's for sure. I would rather have a band alienate their audience by trying something radically different than to recreate an album already made in their discography, *cough* Tool.

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Well, now that it's out.. I've been listening to it over and over at work and I'm not too sure what to think yet, its certainly not the Muse I'm used to.


Some people are calling it a masterpiece "Muse's OK Computer" and others think that it's total crap. Right now I fall in the middle somewhere. Its just ok. Maybe it will grow on me..


Best songs? I'd say Starlight, Supermassive black hole, Map of the problematique, Invinsible

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Saw them live last night in Toronto. Rough crowd, but easily the best band I've ever seen live. They ROCKED. New Born and Plug in Baby back to back was orgasmic. Knights of Cydonia to finish of the encore was amazing (we galloped, lol) Their lighting and stage setup was mindblowing.. what a spectacular performance.

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