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Guest Prosis

It was written in the lyric book to BM as a joke (look around the book you'll see a lot of random stuff written all over it).


I remember Lenny accidentally wrote that in the lyrics on mgb.com...funny as hell ;)

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i have another question about this song. before i ever read the lyrics, i used to think he was saying "murphy's fighting ockham", as in murphy's law and ockham's razor, kinda like irrationality vs. rationality er something. but everywhere i've seen the lyrics written, it says "murphy vs. hockem". i was wondering if anyone knew who these two are? thanks.

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no. it IS murphys law vs ockham (ockhams razor). it was mispelled in the official lyric book. matt went into detail on that line once a while back.

cool, thanks. i always thought that was such an awesome line, and then when i read it the way it's spelled everywhere i kinda felt like an idiot.

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Guest jsunC
What? Then what does the MGM Grand have to do with it? Or is it a play on words...

it implies that everyone's watching

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