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paranoid has been covered by numerous bands (and i cant think of all the names)


story of the year covered enter sandman (it was live...and it was good)


alien antfarm "smooth criminal"

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Knockin' of Heaven's on Door is one of my all time favourite songs. Originally written by Bob Dylan, it is probably one the the most covered tunes.


I think the Gun's and Roses Cover is my favourite.

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Lauren, it's nice to see that there is someone else out there that appreciates the NIN version more than the CAsh version. I hated the cash version.

I liked the Cash version, it really voiced out how he felt though in another band's words.

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I just remember another really good cover. It's Tool's version of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter". Led Zep's version is probably my 2nd favorite song of all time, yet i don't mind that Tool covered it... they give it a different vibe and extend it to about 10 or 11 minutes from the 7 that Zeppelin did. It has such a long, slow build up and then explodes (like many Tool songs i guess), it just rocks!

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John Frusciante - tiny dancer

fuel - daniel

soundgarden - come together

pearl jam - i've got a feeling

pete yorn - dancing in the dark

feeder - i can't stand losing you

masters of reality - how do you sleep?

travis - baby one more time

travis - here comes the sun

snow patrol - crazy in love

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heard an excellent/hilarious cover...


the siscor-sisters cover of comfortably numb....and the band is all guys...but they sound just like girls...and they took the pink floyd song and made it more upbeat...it was good times

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