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so i've seen bits and peices of the movie Cube



i liked what i saw, but all the times I've seen it, I have never caught the ending.




I'll never rent it, so if someone who has seen it could just tell me the ending, that would be great.





yeeeaaaah, alright then.

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Great movie. The sequel sucked. There's apparently a prequel as well. Has anyone seen the prequel?

I was gonna ask the same question.


Cube was good (although more killing/traps would've been better than Quentin going nuts).


Cube 2 was confusing and forgettable. I read the Wiki summary and didn't remember half of it.


Anyone seen Cube 3? I'll check it out if someone says it's worth it. The summary sounds okay...

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I saw two of the cubes, neither of which the original.... They are horrible, horrible movies... Cube Zero is one of the worst movies ever. Up there with tr0n.


Is the original good or something? Why so many crappy sequels and a prequel I think even?



EDIT: Spelling.

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