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I Found Dave Genn!

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hes doing it so tamara can tell all her news anchor friends "i'm married to a rock star"


and yeah, rabbit, he's saying "fuck... i should have just put up with matt's shit. i'm an idiot". you an see it in is eyes.


and speaking of eyes... what god awful shades that lead singer is wearing. fuck.

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Looks like someone already found him first:



And second:



And a couple other times in there somewhere.


We need a good Dave Genn scavenger hunt. Just keep finding him over and over again and letting him know he's been found.

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He's been with 54-40 for like... 3 or 4 years ?

yeah, thats probably true anton... i saw him perform with 54-40 in or around this time in 2003 at an art auction benefitting the women and children of the downtown east side. fuck did i ever get drunk that night. i believe i asked for an "al iafrate burger" for dinner.

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