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Make An Ultimate Party Cd

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New Orleans Is Sinking - Rush (or whatever version you like)

Wonderwall - Oasis



You want dancing music or just rock type stuff? (stuff people know and can sing along to while drunk and havin a good time?) What genre of music d you want?

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Guest jsunC

bohemian rhapsody (who doesn't know the words to that song)

what is love - haddaway

dust in the wind & still the one - kansas

Final Countdown - Europe

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All of your suggestions suck. Proper partying must be done without shitty music. That excludes Oasis, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.


As much as I hate to admit it, get some proper r&b music. I can't stand the shit, but it makes for better partying than Wonderwall.

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A Little off topic here but who the hell mistakes a nipple for an orange...I mean really, those must be like seriously mutant nipples or that dude is an idiot.






*runs away*

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