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Keane Mod Club June 26

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If so, let me know and I'll buy them if you're not gouging. My story is below (alos posted in the daily complaint thread):






I hate Ticketmaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On Monday, Keane announced their playing the Mod Club on the 26th and tickets go on sale Friday at 10am. So here I am on the internet and on the phone at 9:55am plugging away trying to get tickets and it goes from not available to sold out at about 10:00.02.....WTF!!!


I talk to a girl on the phone and she says, oh it must be a small venue and everyone in Ontario wants tickets...what fucking BS. That means that 500-1500 people bought tickets and 10:00.00 and 10:00.01


I go onto Ebay at about 10:05 and there's already tickets on there. They were $25CDN to buy and the minimum bid is $90USD with a buy now price of $250USD. I hate people (except you guys).


If anyone has tickets to unload, let me know please.



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