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MG Encounters

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Okay, I'll go first (even though I have posted this before somewhere else, but I'll try to make this short). I met Matt after one of his recent Edmonton shows. All the fans were standing at the bottom of some steps at the Starlite room and then all of a sudden I looked up and Matt was at the top with his wife and some other people. He came and sat down right beside me and said "So, do you guys want me to sign some stuff?" I was like "Yes!" In a very high pitched voice because I was completely star-struck. So he signed my set list and I said thankyou, once again in a high-pitched, school-girl voice, and he said "You welcome, dear." And then I ran away because I was so excited and didn't know what else to say. The rest of the night I was in a daze because I couldn't beleive I had met MATTHEW GOOD! Best...night...ever!

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Wow! Thanks for your story, it sounds like you really had fun! I guess I'll share my encounters now, (I never like to be the one to go first!)


One time MGB played a show in my small hometown. Everyone at my school was blown away that they would actually play a concert there. Unfortunately, I couldn't get tickets because there was this big conspiracy at the venue where the workers bought all the tickets for themselves and friends before they even went on sale, and when they went on sale there were barely any left (it was a small venue). The day of the show I went to the mall and I saw MG there shopping too. I was going to approach him, but I was too worried about bothering him.


When MG's book came out, I went to the book signing at the Virgin Megastore in Vancouver (I'd moved away from my small hometown by this time). I was able to congratulate him on the release of his book. He also understood the joke t-shirt I was wearing (it was an inside joke from when I used to post on a different MG board that he occasionally would visit too).


I also went to the midnight release of Audio of Being at a&b sound downtown Vancouver. I was able to have a short conversation with Ian which was cool. Also Dave made a funny face at me when I was taking a picture.


The last encounter was when I saw MG walking on Robson St. with his wife. But again, I didn't want to bother him, I'm sure he gets enough attention as it is without me bugging him!


Those are my silly stories.


Wishing you bunnies,


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First time i met Matt was when i won a contest to listen in on the soundcheck before a concert. I got to shake his hand and get a picture and he signed my Avalance cd cover.

All of the contest winners had to then wait to get into the concert so a couple of us went to the restaraunt and that's when Rich came to eat (he had chicken caesar salad...god, i'm a dork)


My second meeting was at a recent concert in Calgary. I had gotten a set list and i wanted it signed to i dragged my friends and my brother to the bus. We waited a while and then Rich, Pat and Christian came out and they talked to a bunch of us for a while. Rich said he saw me rocking out in the front row. Pat mentioned that Matt was feeling a little under the weather and wasn't sure if Matt was comming out...so to our surprise he came and sat on the bus steps to sign autographs. I went up to him and he said "hey sweetheart, how you doing?" He signed my ticket, shirt and set list. I told him how kick ass the show was and i wished him a happy birthday. And that was about it...i wanted to talk more but i didn't want to take up too much time because he wasn't feeling very good, and that i had a 2 hour drive home and it was already 1:30am.


And that's it for now...to be continued...

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wow i hope someday i get a chance to meet matt but i have meet rich and pat.


After the Winnipeg show at the Ex I was hanging out with a bunch of friends it was about 45 mins after the show when most of them left except for me and my friend Laura. We saw not a lot of people around the stage area but decided to walk over talking about how we'd have no clue what to say to matt if we actually saw him. what do u say to someone you admire so much?


So there was like a picnic table kind of area with security blocking the entrance so we leaned against the fence and pat came over. He was so nice and signed my copy of WLR&RR for me a while later Rich came over and also signed my CD. My camera was out of batterys so i unfortunatly couldn't get a picture. Pat liked my superman necklace and commented on the extreme contents of my purse. I could only stay for a few minutes because our ride was there but holy shit it was amazing


i was on a cloud for days infact telling this story gives me a rush.

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During the university tour in Sept 03, I got to see matt play here at Queen's. Earlier in the afternoon, I was just wandering around campus, and I heard music, so I went to it, and it was MG soundchecking, and the guy at the gate to the parking lot where they were playing just let me in. SO I watched the soundcheck, and then Matt came down to sign stuff. I scrounged up a piece of paper for him to sign, and the only thing I remember him saying was "You crazy Queen's kids, knock off the cheering, you're freaking me out" or something to that effect.


Then I saw him play AJ's here in Kingston on June 2, and after the show, me and my friends walked around a bit, and came back in hopes of seeing any of the band members. WE didn't see anyone, so we hopped in a cab, and as soon as we started to drive off, Matt came out and started to sign stuff, so the cabbie stopped for us (props to him), and we went to talk to him. He signed my setlist, and showed me his thumb that he busted up (you can hear him talking about it in the Kingston bootleg, which I recorded ;), then my friend talked to him about the crowdsurfers during some of the less crazy songs ("you shoulda played Catastrophe to keep that circle pit going") and Matt was just like "yeah, I hate that kinda stuff too".



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ive had a few oppurtunities, just didion't know it until after.

my friend named matt got to have a beer with the band and matt before their grand bend show. lucky guy eh?

christian still recognized him the next month in kitchener.

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i met the band back in 1998, at a small concert, i was 13. I was way too nervous to say anything so my dad out of all pple went up to the band and said "you guys wail" the band just smiled and said thanks man. i was a lil embarrassed, but oh well

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