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Guest some guy

Chords For Fine Art Of Falling Apart

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Guest apsham

I went to the Matt Good tab archive... and I didn't reconize one of the chord names... that is to say none of them really for Fine Art. >_>

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Guest Prosis

You have to tune your last two strings down to C and F I think...(I'm at work so I don't habe my guitar...)


Then the chords go:



Well I walk alone and I ride alone and I


I rock myself to sleep and baby there ain't enough room in

020300 or 030200

This world for people like you and


Monsters like me


and it goes on like that until the end after he says


"for a great great, many thing"


then you go Em and you finish with 054000


If it doesn't sound good, I'm sorry that's the best I can do from my current location ;)

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