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Has anyone read any of the "Repairman Jack" novels by

F. Paul Wilson?


I read "Crisscross" a little while ago, I just finished "All the rage", and am well into "Legacies">


They're a great series of books, I reccomend them to anyone who likes an unorthodox crime/supernatural thriller.


A description from the repairman jack website:


Jack is a denizen of Manhattan who dwells in the interstices of modern society. He has no official identity, no social security number, pays no taxes. When you lose faith in the system, or the system lets you down, you go to a guy who's outside the system. That's Repairman Jack.


But he's no Equalizer, no knight in shining armor. Jack is strictly fee for service, and he may be a few bricks shy of a full load himself, but at least he's under control...most of the time.


The name: Abe dubbed him Repairman Jack during the start-up years of Jack's fix-it business. Jack used it awhile as a sort of gag, but it stuck. Now, like it or not, he's known as Repairman Jack."

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