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Amazing Band. Calling them "Indie Rock" is somewhat hilarious though (I'm not big on genre's anyways).


If you like "Pink" you should check out, [soundtrack from film "Mabuta No Ura"] It's a really mellow album that I really love.


They also have a collaberation with Merzbow called "Sun Baked Snow Cave", the album is just one sixty-minute long track, it's hard to get into, but very kickass.


Other than that their music is pretty drone/sludge/heavy sounding, such as "Absolutego" and "Amplifier Worship"


Diverse/Great Band.

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I dig it. I'd heard the name floating around for a while, but never checked 'em out. Just did now, and, yeah, it's awesome.


The instrumentals smack of Jucifer. Or jucifer smacks of boris. Or.. Ah hell. I just dig sludgy, noisy stuff. Melvins, Harkonen, The Bronx... Yeah, just put it in the ears.

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