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Who's The Greatest Of Them All

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No way. If they all got in a fight, Superman would own Spidey and Batman. And Spidey could own Batman anyday too. His super strength and agility would be too much for Wayne to handle, and they're both really smart.

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Me neither. No cool villains either.


"Well....he's pretty much invincable. Oh wait...kryptonite! AGAIN."


The problem with only having one weakness is that it gets exploited all the frigging time and is extremely boring.

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Guest jsunC

Spiderman > Batman > Superman > Spiderman

and my reasoning is;

Spiderman has no real weakness so batman can't use his brain to beat him.

My one friend who is a massive DC fan says that Batman has access to kryptonite, thus doesn't need to worry about superman.

And superman would destroy spiderman because well... he's practically unstoppable.


im a fag, now you all know

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