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The Sound Of Summer (mergified)

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In association with the Taste of Summer thread, we need to find the ultimate album or playlist of summer music. The songs in question must have some sort of property that make them acceptable to play while you're, say, having a barbeque in the backyard or driving on a sunny day in a convertible with some hot chick in the passenger seat (note: 4-seater convertibles don't count).


Firstly, the albums begin and end with the following:


-Axis: Bold as Love by Hendrix

-Electric Ladyland by Hendrix

-Sgt. Pepper's by the Beatles.


Now, as for playlists, I have the following playlist set up in iTunes, and play it on shuffle mode. It doubles as my driving music playlist (it's even called that).


The View from the Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys

You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights, But You Were Looking Straight At Me - Arctic Monkeys

Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys

Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Srong But... - Arctic Monkeys

When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys

From the Ritz to the Rubble - Arctic Monkeys

come Together - The Beatles

Polythene Pam - The Beatles

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window - the Beatles

Here Comes the Sun - the Beatles

Octopus' Garden - the Beatles

With a Little Help from My Friends - the Beatles

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - the Beatles

Getting Better - the Beatles

Within You Without You - The Beatles

When I'm Sixty-Four - the BEatles

Lovely Rita - the Beatles

Good Morning Good Morning - the Beatles

Sexx Laws - Beck

Devil's Haircut - Beck

Where It's At - Beck

I Want You - Bob Dylan

Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

Our Faces Split the Coat in Half - Broken Social Scene

7/4 (Shoreline) - Brooken Social Scene

Fire Eye'd Boy - Broken Social Scene

Windsurfing Nation - Broken Social Scene

Stars and Sons - Broken Social Scene

Almost Crimes - Broken Social Scene

Looks Just Like The Sun - Broken Social Scene

Cause = Time - Broken Social Scene

Crossroads - Cream

Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix

Wait Until Tomorrow - Jimi Hendrix

Ain't No Telling - Jimi Hendrix

You Got Me Floatin' - Jimi Hendrix

Castles Made of Sand - Jimi Hendrix

Crosstown Traffic - imi Hendrix

Long Hot Summer Night - Jimi Hendrix

All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

Antenna - Limblifter

Perfect Day to Disappear - Limblifter

Fierecely Co-Dependent - Limblifter

Jumbo Jet Headache - Limblifter

On The Moon - Limblifter

Vicious - Limblifter

Cellophane - Limblifter

In Love With A Bad Idea - Matthew Good

North American For Life - Matthew GOod

Everything Is Automatic - Matthew Good

Chump Change - The New Pornographers

Sing Me Spanish Techno - The New Pornographers

Electioneering - Radiohead

The Gate - Sam Roberts

An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay - Sam Roberts

The Resistance - Sam Roberts

Higher Learning - Sam Roberts

On The Run - Sam Roberts

Kamera - Wilco

Pot Kettle Black - Wilco

Blow Up - Age of Electric

Don't Wreck It - Age of Electric


Has anyone else got any suggestions?

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audi a4

bmw 3 series

chrysler pt cruiser gt

chrysler sebring

ford mustang

mitsubishi eclipse spyder

saab 9-3

toyota solara





...just a list of convertibles with 4 seats.not counting the pt cruiser (because its horribly gay), whats so unnacceptable about that list?

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I know that 4 seat convertibles exist, I just think they should be outlawed.


EDIT: Except for the BMW 6 series. There is something very aesthetically wrong with taking a 4-door sedan and turning it into a 2-door convertible. And I just hate the Mustang. It's not a real sports car, it's a midlife crisis car for the baby boomer set.


Besides that, I just think that convertibles should be peroper two-seater sports cars. You on the left, some hot chick on the right, and a hotter engine in front. Why bother with a convertible you can transport your family in? There's no sex appeal in that.

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In coupe or sedan forms, some of those cars aren't bad, I'll give you that. Especially the Bimmer and the Audi. But the Sebring? Solara? Hardly. They're front wheel drive and in hardtop form are boring family sedans.

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i don't csre what car it is, as long as it's red and looks cool.




i couldn;t make up a full playlist, but i would definately include carly simon on some sort of summer play list. just her upbeat songs. she's so empowering to females. very confidant. and she [used to be] very hot.

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what song(s) do you like that everytime they just remind you of laying on a hammock under the sun and enjoying the summer?????





Limblifter - Wake Up To The Sun


54/40 - Blue Sky



okay, your turn(s)



yours truly(s),


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what about "summer in the city" by the loving spoons, it is an oldie but a goodie or:


when the night feels my soul - bedouin soundclash

float on - modest mouse

keep on rockin' in the free world - neil young

and what i got - sublime

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