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The Bourne Supremacy

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Ludlum has died, that is why the movies have been able to take such "artistic freedom" from the novels (i read all three). There are soooo many differences between the books and the movies....only names and certain concepts have been kept, like the fact bourne loses his memory. What really rankles me is what they have done with marie, she was supposed to be a Canadian...and they made her into a frenchy....gah


anyway, i did enjoy both movies (i saw supremacy last night)...especially the fighting and the car chases (as i dont find any of the males in the movie hot....like deth)..i especially liked how they tried to keep the fighting and car chasing mildly realistic, what with the fighting being grappling and the use of weapons rather than a whole lot of boxing, and the car chasing uses the real method of shifting, and avoiding the brakes, and instead using the tires themselves to slow down.....im such a nerd ;)

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He lost his memory again? You can't be serious, that would just be stupid.


edit: Wasn't she more German? She was swearing constantly in german... but yes it is common practice in Europe to speak several languages.

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hmm...maybe german, i dont really know, only that in the books she is canadian...


and this time he hasnt relost his memory, he is slowly peacing things together still and he was set up for an assassination by another person...similar to the novel Bourne Supremacy.....after that though the similarities end

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The Bourne Supremacy left me dissapointed.

Probably because I was expecting so much from it.


The only thing that really annoyed me was that damn camera.

It wouldn't stop shaking.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to maim the cameraman.

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yeah the camera did move around a lot...i had to blink a lot in the action sets...


but i liked it


and it is better than bond movies...they are starting to make me sick

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