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Don't Know If I Posted This Way Back When

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its an e-mail I got at the college radio station I used to be the director of in regards to us playing the new Skinny Puppy album



here it is:



--- AmericanPatriot <[email protected]>



> Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 12:52:12 -0800 (PST)

> From: AmericanPatriot

> <[email protected]>

> Subject: Please Stop Playing Skinny Puppy or We Will

> Boycott Your Station

> To: [email protected]


> In the past few months a band by the name of Skinny

> Puppy has slandered Bush. At several of their

> concerts

> over the Summer they have simulated an assassination

> of the president. On their current Fall tour they

> simulated a beheading similar to the ones happening

> in

> Iraq. When the vocalist pulls off their hoods he

> reveals the terrorists to be Bush and Cheney. This

> is

> unacceptable and I encourage you not to play their

> latest record, The Greater Wrong of the Right, that

> has been indicated by their record label as being

> played on your station. Conservatives are currently

> a

> majority of the populace now and we have voted into

> power a majority in every level of government. The

> people of this country have the power as evident by

> our boycott of the Reagan miniseries, the Superbowl,

> and the Dixie Chicks. If you still choose to play

> their music we have the ability to put financial

> pressure on your station through boycotts. Please

> remove Skinny Puppy from rotation or we will have no

> choice but to boycott your station.


> Currently, your station is listed on the boycott

> list

> found here:




> If you decide to stop playing Skinny Puppy as well

> as

> consider changing the format in order to provide

> more

> fair and balance we will consider removing you from

> the list.


> - Daryl Mason

> Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American

> Hollywood



reading it today, its like a thousand times more funny.



remember when there were people who (blindly) supported the president?



*cue: memories song*

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