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Would You Do This For $500?

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you gotta be a pussy and or rich to not take that dare. I've had vomiting fits like a number of times a year and 500 bucks is a weeks worth of wages for a lot of people.


What surprised me wasn't that he didn't know what ipecac was - cause I didn't either - but that he didn't even ASK! there could have been anything in there

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He actually did ask what Ipecac was, and all that cocksucker said in response was "It's a drink... you have to drink it until you vomit." So he should have expected it.

yeah, but when the guy evaded his question, that was it. I guess he didn't care.

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To me, it depends on what "licking it up" entails. If he actually wants me to consume a sizable portion of the vomit, then no. But just licking it, sure. It's already inside your mouth anyways.

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Okay, ipecac is a substance that induces vomiting. The guy drinks a tiny bit of the stuff, and vomits after a little while. After he's done vomiting, the "host" offers him another five hundred bucks to lick the stuff up. At the end all you see is the guy saying "What the hell", he starts leaning over (as if to lick the stuff up) and then the film ends.

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