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Sparq Hittin It Off...

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Ok here's the story.


Me, JTB and Sparq went out to coffee the other night. Upon our arrival we notice this group of about 10 - 12 prostetots (ages varing between 10 - 14). After we sit down we notice that this old guy is walking out to chat with them, he practically gets right in the middle of this group. A couple minutes go by and there's a lot of laughing outside and some of the girls are dancing a little bit...the three of us rather confused we crack a few jokes about the old guy picking up.


Well the prostetots split up and go their own ways after the old guy gives up. The group that comes in to Timmies buys some stuff and then proceeds to go outside and hang out near the window that me and Sparq are facing. JTB at this point is tellin a story, which I can't remember anything about.


As they group is leaving me and Sparq see this one 12yr old (so I'm guessing) knock on the window and look straight at Sparq making the "Call me" sign. I look at Sparq and we both just crack up no knowin really what had just happened. I still think he was trying to pick up, like he said later "Gotta take what you can get"....gold I tell ya.


Anyway just had to share this on here as it was quiet hilarious.





Any Timmie stories out there? Or from various Coffee shops?

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The other day I was picking up my sister from the mall 'cause I'm a nice big brother and her little friend was hitting on me.


I felt so dirty. It wouldn't have been illegal, but it probably should be.

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my highschool is in petrolia and there is one tim hortons in petrolia. not only am i friends with almost the entire staff, but if you go in there at any given time and sit by yourself, someone that you know and like will come in and will hang out with you. it's just a matter of time.

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My friend used to work at Donut Delight in highschool. A whole bunch of us would hang out there occasionally but a couple guys we knew were there ALL the time. One night we got wasted and call the coffee shop and demanded to talk to the guys and have them come over and have fun with our drunk asses.


Sorry, that wasn't funny or interesting. The drunk part of it was. Oh, to 17 and being stupid enough to drink shots of cherry whiskey all night.

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bahahaha ah the young'ins, they have so much spunk these days lol

it's true.


at a grade 8 grad i worked at, this one kid was hitting on me. it was funny and cute.


not to sound like a creepo either, but he looked like adam. a minature verison though

Yah i've had youngins hit on me as well, and dependng on how young ( if its a year or two, really not that bad when you get into post secondary) its cool. But when it's younger-younger folks, its scary and maakes you feel like you need to run for fear of someone seeing that awkward and annoying situation...



btw.. your first mistake was working at a grade 8 grad! ;)

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Guest jsunC
Can't say the same for the real version of you though.

He just has so much player skills he hasn't harnassed their power yet.


About 6 months ago i got in a fight at a Tim Hortons.

I was wearing a jacket that had the Union Jack on the back (I'm a rapper) and some guy sitting near me say "the union jack sucks". I sort of just laughed thinking it was a joke, but it turns out he was serious. So i throw out a "shut the fuck up". Things escalate rather quickly and he tells me he's gonna kick my ass. Then he gets up, gets in my face and pushes me, so i hit him. I guess he had a glass jaw, and he dropped instantly. Then the security guy came over and threw me out, and now i'm banned from that timmies.




PS. if you're wondering why a Tim Hortons has a security guard it's because its right beside a popular bar, and fights always start there when the bar closes.

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i cant believe i miss sparq getting picked up at a timmies, but then again, i cant believe i miss a shot at going out for coffee. keep swinging sparq, i am sure you will land that 14 year old girl someday, and then have to wait another two years to do anything to her, legally.

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some guy sitting near me say "the union jack sucks". I sort of just laughed thinking it was a joke, but it turns out he was serious. So i throw out a "shut the fuck up".

this is where you made the mistake. he makes fun of the union jack, and you ignore him. no one gets hurt.

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