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You Got A Truck?

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Howdy. I am gettin an 89 Chevy, its sweet, but as most older vehicles wear you need to replace shit. I was wondering if anyone know's of good shop's in Calgary for parts and such. I don't have a credit card so I can't order anything online. Stupid banks and there needing of credit to get credit. What a stupid fucking circle that is. If you don't have credit, you can't get credit. BUt you can't get credit cause u have no credit. Around and Around it goes. anyways, ya, if you know of places that give good deals, let me know, it would much appreciated.


Question 2...What are you driving?

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I used to drive 4 trucks...


@ Work: '90 Chevy S10 & Chevy Noma (no sure what year, around '90 though)


@ Home: Dad's 1985 Ford Ranger with a manual 5 speed tranny, ah the memories of winter in that truck.


And of course my truck which was a 1984 Ford Bronco II with a manual 5 speed tranny, used to be an automatic but dad switched up the transmissions. Oh how I miss you truck, sold it about a year ago

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I loved my dad's old truck. It was awesome! Big assed mofo I called it when I was like 5. Yeah...


It was a 1984 Ford Explorer F250 Supercab. It was so big and loud and sweeeeeet!

Then he sold it when we moved to the island. Oh well, it was a gas hog and blew flames out the tail pipe...

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