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Music To Listen To At 3 Am With The Tv On Mute

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I highly recommend next time you can't sleep just to turn on the tv, put it on mute, grab your cd player/iPod and listen to music. Nothing to hard or loud, just smooth acoustic or quiet music. Trust me, you'll do some of your deepest thinking at this moment.



I recommend anything by Hayden or Disc 2 of In A Coma.



Has anyone else found themselves doing this, or am I just an odd duck?

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if you're going to check out Hayden, definetly check out Closer I Get and Everything I Long For.



they've both helped me through some tough nights back in my "why won't (she'll remain nameless) love me?!?!" sad sack high school days




nope,those pining after girl(s) days are way over for me :angry:

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