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Matthew Good - Hospital Music

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i didn't say he hasn't been here, i said i hadn't seen him. he's been here at least twice since the demise of the band, and at least once before that. probably more. i only know about the last time he was here with the band cuz it was at a festival i attended and left before they took the stage. years later, after becoming a huge fan, i realize that was a mistake on my part  ;)


i missed him once by himself cuz i was stuck at work. the last time he was here no one i know wanted to go see him. i said 'fuck it', bought a ticket and was gonna go by myself, but it was on halloween and the thought of going to the bad part of town by myself on a night when everyone can get away with wearing masks was too much for me to take and i chickened out. lame.


never again, i say!


you're right about other major acts, though. not much hope of me seeing nine inch nails here.

I agree, nova scotia is pathetic for concerts

Yeah, we don't get a huge amount of bigger bands here, they mostly stop at Montreal, which is really unfortunate.


Although I musy say the music scene here is still pretty awesome. There's a HUGE amount of local talent and you'll probably discover a lot of little gems that may turn into some of your favorite artists. I swear Halifax is becoming the new Seattle.


I've actually got a project in the works to attract acts to Halifax and act as a network for local bands as well. Hopefully everything goes according to plan.

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well, I know a lot of his blogs mentioned him having to scrap different shit he'd been recording because of the work being done on the floor above his. I'm not sure wether he was planning on recording at home and now moving to a studio or if he was just recording at home to get a feel for it again. We'll have to wait and see.

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