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First Round Of Last Of The Ghetto Astranauts

Radiobomb or Vermillion  

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  1. 1. Radiobomb or Vermillion

    • Radiobomb
    • Vermillion

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man, how long does it take people to get this concept?


Yeah, sure I think "She's got a new Disguise" is a wicked song, but I'm not going to go looking for that orange in a bucket of apples....


Vermillion, if only for it's relative lack of Post-Cold War references compared to Radio Bomb.

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Getting a little too agressive perhaps? Relax, we're mostly all grownups here.


The idea of the game is to eliminate the songs until there's one left, the best on the album. This is the beginning. Therefore we have not chosen the "2 first best songs" on the album.


People's choice in music, especially favorite songs of an artist we all enjoy here, does not make them homosexual or anything else. It means they have an opinion.


And maybe we will kiss your ass when 'u' learn to spell. Just so you know, I'm not really an asshole.

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i was at an AMERICAN bar tonight, and they had Last Of the Ghetto Astronauts on the jukebox.



so i played Vermillion...and Giant...cause they had Beautiful Midnight too.



okay, it didn't really add to the topic, i just thought i would share.

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