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Kevin Smith Hates Joel Sigel?

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Apperently, while attending a screening of Clerks II, Joel Sigel hated it so much, he walked out. Problem was that he started yelling and ranted to distract the rest of the theater. Check out Kevin Smith's blog on his myspace to hear Smith beat down Sigel on a local radio show. It's funny.



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Is it just me, or is Joel Siegel one of those movie "critics" who loves pretty much every big-budget picture that comes out and is willing to felate it in print? It seems to me that at least half the movies that get panned in the papers get raves from him and others who write for big name papers and magazines.

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I don't understand Woody Allen worshippers. Half the shit Woody Allen makes is crap. I'd rather watch a Kevin Smith movie any day. They're actually funny, and relevant to the times. Watching a Woody Allen movie is like watching Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon go at it. It's really boring, and would probably smell like a retirement home.


Also, Clerks II was actually pretty damn funny. At least the 30 mins I snuck into.

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I actually heard people talking about this whole thing in the theatre last night. You gotta love opening night crowds because they are there out of an intense love for the movie they're seing. at least for the smaller movies.

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