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So You Think You're A Huge Mg Fan Eah?

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For the Avalanche Tour, I got insanely drunk and the security gave me a VIP afterparty pass providing I drank lots (??). After singing my face off and crying profusely during the show (which I might add from what I remember, it was the best show I've seen since) I got upstairs to this afterparty, sat down and puked all over the floor and the shoes of the people (??) I was talking to and left behind my walkman. Proceeded to a nearby restaurant for ceaser salad and a beer (which I didn't get because the bartender cut me off)ate the salad and called my boyfriend to pick me up. Thank God I never met Matt that night. The only nerdy part of this post I think was the crying and shit. I must've looked one of those pathetic boy band fans that they show on television (but at least I didn't faint!)

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I used to write him letters all the time in my teen years. I actually got a response to the first one in '98 (just a silly thing about being a free roadie) and a few years later, he told me that he came to recognize my handwriting and joked about me getting some sort of sponsorship deal with Texas Instruments for an electric typewriter or some suchness.

I still write more than my fair share of emails, I'm sure. ;)


Also in my teen years, out of sheer boredom, I wrote MATTHEW GOOD BAND at the top of a plain sheet of paper and proceeded to find every smaller word and acronym in the name, using each letter only once. I think I got to about 250.

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I once sent him a screen shot of his site, using internet explorer while he was having some trouble with something not lining up. He emailed me back and asked me for one more....that's all I got.


But think about it, using the wretched IE to help the man, now that's devotion.

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here goes. some random things. dragging my bro out to the A&B for a midnight signing when we had 8:30am classes the next morning. Donning various things in terms of safety in the mosh pit like army helmets emblazoned with MGB, kids' inner tubes. Mailing for about 10 scratch cards to win a chance to see MGB do their Coors Light Party at the Peak contest and ending up winning through the radio on the last day instead.


going with a friend to the locations where "Apparitions" and "Strange Days" were filmed. Attending the "Weapon" video shoot when I had a midterm the next day and waiting around studying my cue cards.


at a book signing, giving Matt a button that said, "use your powers for good instead of evil". making a notebook cover with various quotes cut out including "you are a monster" which I found somehow lead to the line in "The Fine Art of Falling Apart".


*sigh* I hope this isn't the last time Matt performs.

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waited for hours when i was a teenager to meet matt, get him to sign my book, give him a copy of my band's cd (we were called deepsix), and blushed and choked on words while he was being kind enough to ATTEMPT engaging me in conversation.


of course, calling my band deepsix might have been nerdy enough.

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