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Which Mg Tunes (if Any) Do You Dislike?

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Wow a lot of hate for Man of Action, it's such a good song.


I pretty much like all of Matthew's songs, but there are a few exceptions such as


-Haven't Slept in Years (Raygun)


-North American For Life (Acoustic)

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Holy shit, how can you guys dislike Haven't Slept in Years? It's such a good song, and one of my favourite to drum due to the funky beat and cool fills.


Songs I (almost) always skip:


In a World Called Catastrophe

Song for the Girl

Some of the demos like Break in the Rhythm, Requiem for Rosemary, Coming out in Purple, etc


Change of Season

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Song for the girl

Change of Season


Deep 6ix

Advertising on Police Cars

annnnd Failing the Rorsach test

What? Dude Advertising, Rorschach, and Season are some of my favourites. Damn.


I absolutely can't stand:


In A World Called Catastrophe


And don't really like:


Song For The Girl

Double Life

How winy his voice got after surgery and the fact he tries to go as high as possible doesn't help but the new songs sound good since he's singing lower.


Oh Be Joyful (Acoustic)

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I didn't realize so many people don't like adverising, man of action, change of season and rorshach. those are all in my top 20!


Song for the girl

Radio Bomb

I, the Throw Away

Inescapable Us


I almost always skip those three, espespecially I the Throw Away, which is hands down the worst song on any of his albums and most of his demos.

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hopeless, because i can not stand country. country is very close to rock, but it bugs the hell out of me. the rest of the songs and music is amazing, any one who disagrees is pigheaded. you must listen to them in different ways, do not be narrow minded. i can listen to mg

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