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I always kinda liked them but never put much thought into their albums. Pure Morning was an nice little song during my youth. Both singles from the new album Meds (Because I Want You and Infra-Red) are both great so I was thinking of finally giving them a shot. I was at Sunrise the other day and saw Meds, their latest album for $15.99 and thought, what the hell? Very, very solid disc. Didn't think the band was that edgy but it rocked my socks. Nice to see a band sticking to true alternative music during a time when you're expected to sound indie to get any recognition.

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I'm resurrecting this failed thread. Wow, I just listened to early Placebo and oh my does it ever blow their newer stuff away. Very impressed. They're a lot edgier and raw than I expected. Pretty underrated band.


Also, Pure Morning is a bad representation of the band. I never really got into them in the past because I thought that was just decent but hey, shows what I know.


To make a modern connection for you guys, they sound like early Muse to me. Excuse me while I plan to pick up all of their albums.

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comparing placebo to muse... i suppose, in a sense.


placebo is really solid power-chord alt-rock. muse is far too bombastic and wankerific to really compare the two.


having seen them both live, they're both great british alt-rock. but the shit matthew bellamy of muse does is in-fuckin-sane. it's so much more compelling than anything brian molko could do.


however, placebo's record are all good, but the majority of their songs are very formulaic and very similar. i don't find i can listen to more than one album at a time. meds is definitely their most interesting i think.

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placebo are fantastic.

my ladyfriend got me into them (moreso than i was) a few years ago. their first self-titled album is the most urgent, i suppose. so it and black market music are my favorites.


i dont see them as power-chord alt-rock though. they're into some pretty bizarre tunings and atonal chords. like sonic youth (who they seem to reference a lot...), except in half the time.

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