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Mac, Spoof On Gaming

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Can't watch streaming video at work?


What has our government come to, but not allowing there workers to watch streaming video.. Lol


Other then that it's the job I want.. LoL

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Oh hell yeah.. I'd love a job like that.. you really only do like 15 minutes of real work a week.


and threaten to burn the building for some strange reason

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Ok so I'm kinda bored this moring and just browsing youtube when I stumbled upon these Spoofed MAC tv commercials

This brings up the question of whether it makes you nerdy to have a Mac or not. If you have a mac, you can't play games and be a Counterstrike nerd. But having a Mac kind of gives you a certain status. Usually that status is "Tool who likes to follow pseudo-underground trends", but anyways.


Or you can just install Windows on a Mac and play whatever game you want.

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I can gzip the tarball and netcat it over to a waiting decompress and untar filter... It is the fastest form of file transfer...


Thanks for the laugh... I might be a Mac user, but I'm not to much of a zealot...

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