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I like the older Radiohead style way more, but I like the electonic type stuff too. All Radiohead is good for me.


Most people don't even know about songs like Trickster, and Bishop's Robes. And then there's posers who only know Paranoid Android and Karma Police.

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yea man its alright...it seems all computer generated to me..to be honest i didnt like it that much and im a big radiohead fan.

That's because it was made on with Garageband. It's really not that hard.


Anyway, I've only heard one song and I think that one song is really good. "Black Swan"

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Whats the deal with this solo album? is there a story behind it, or he just wanted to make one?

He's stated that he doesn't like the word 'solo' and that he's not thinking leaving radiohead or anything of the like, infact the band encouraged him to go ahead. I don't think there's much more of a story, other than he just wanted to make a few phat electronique beatz.



And yeah, it is kindof on the boring side. I still enjoy it though.

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