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The Fountain

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Oh, I saw this preview in the movies last weekend. It looks interesting. I'm pretty sure it's a love story about two people who live forever, but suddenly one(the woman)starts dieing. Other than that, I'm not sure what it's about either.

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Haven't seen Pi but I thoroughly enjoyed Requiem For a Dream (not a date movie, as it turns out... ;) though the soundtrack album is fantastic), so I've been waiting for The Fountain for a looong time. The trailer and website are very intriguing, though I sure would have enjoyed seeing the trailer again before The Prestige (I was misinformed).


I'm deliberately keeping myself from learning too much about the film in advance, so I've stayed away from cast and crew interviews, set visit reports and the latest photos. This is near the top of my list for movies to see in 2006, up there with Pan's Labrynth.

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Sooo...The Fountain is now in theatres. Has anyone seen it yet? If so, any exclamations, gripes, concerns, insights and the like?


I've not seen it yet, too busy with school this past week but I hope to see it soon, maybe even this Sunday. Too bad it's not playing at the Paramount downtown; there's no way in hell that I'd go see a movie that promises to be so badass in a crap theatre like the Granville 7. If I must go all the way out to Richmond to see it in a decent theatre (ex., SilverCity) then I simply must.

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I saw "The Fountain" last night, and it was beautiful.


3 narratives in one, I felt like it really captured the urgency and contrasting calmness that surrounds the central themes of the movie.


Personally for me, it seemed a little confusing at points, but when you sit and think about it afterwards, everything comes together, and you know. And you feel at peace.


The cinematography was gorgeous and the use of special effects were very tastefully done.


I also have to mention that the music, composed by Clint Mansell is absolutely wonderful. Organic and haunting, it made the movie's impact that much stronger.


I highly recommend it, if you enjoy artistic, metaphor/theme based movies.


The only qualm I may have with it, is that at times, it seemed a very tad cheesy, almost pretentious at times.

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I finally got to see The Fountain last night and I heartily agree with Muran, it is beautiful. I'd waited so long for it to finally get released in theatres and was not disappointed in the least!


Wonderful performances, especially by Hugh Jackman (pretty much as always, IMHO) and it sure was nice to see Ellen Burstyn again (particularly not messed up like her character in Requiem For A Dream - although she was fantastic in that as well). I found the look and the tone of the film much more focused and relaxed than that of Requiem (but that film's style suits itself very well) and again I agree, the music is simply incredible. Absolutely right, it fits and elevates the film so well.


Truly worth the wait (and the tears).

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It sounded really good.  Too bad I missed it.  We'll have to watch it when it comes out on DVD.

It's not too late (though this reply of mine just might be...)!


According to the Georgia Straight's website, the film is still playing until at least this Thursday night at the Granville 7 theatre (perhaps not ideal, sure, but better than nothing). The current listed showtimes are 1:35, 4:15, 7:00 and 9:20. Give it a shot if your schedule permits, you won't be sorry!

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