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Need Some Unbiased Opinions

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i discovered a cd while cleaning my room that had a couple recordings on it.


these are a couple radio shows that I produced for the college radio station i was the station director at before I graduated.


the first is a liner (radio commercial) I made for the morning show that I helped produce...its pretty funny.


1051 KB....its not that big



and the second is 55 minutes of my own show I did. the file is large (46.57 mb!!!! yikes!!!!) but I'm pretty proud of this one.


My Own Radio Show


anyway, if some of you nice posters would be kind enough to download one or both of these files, give them a listen and give me your opinion(s), that would be great.


do I have a future in radio...or should I remain a nameless temp who posts frequently about his romantic follies on message boards across the net, you decide!!!


okay, your opinion won't really have THAT much of an impact on my future, but I'd appreciate some feedback.


thank you, and good night.

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